YOUR health & YOUR goals....
Here at! "life-changing nutrition!" we're passionate about weight loss that is not only RESULTS-DRIVEN, but also weight loss that is sustainable, individualised and health-focussed.
There are many reasons why you're not able to lose weight, such as:

......and the list goes on & on......, what can we do to help?
The quick answer is....LOTS!!!!
The long answer is....GUARANTEE YOU'LL LOSE WEIGHT....AND QUICKLY!!!! (If you're up for it!!!!)
We believe that you need to be ready to embark on the weight loss journey, to the exclusion of basically everything that you've done in the past. If you've tried it before - we won't do it again!
We believe, more than anything, that your body is one, and if there's an imbalance somewhere (....and we'll find it & fix it), it'll potentially wreak havoc on your weight loss efforts.
ph: +44 7392 656 338 or
skype: be_health_sydney

Let's have a life-changing chat about your personalised weight loss journey!
Weight loss is a journey....
....not a destination.'s what will happen during your first appointment....
1. We will talk LOTS about your health history, your family's health history and your current health concerns. (You'll have filled in a comprehensive health history form, and gathered any recent blood test results, or any other testing information & brought it along with you!)
2. We will talk LOTS about your health & weight goals, as well as what has brought you to the point of wanting to lose weight. ('cause the story matters).
3. We will talk LOTS more about some specific weight loss plans, based on everything discussed - health history, goals & motivations.  
4. YOU will leave with the knowledge, support & specific tools required to start you on your path to weight loss & health gain!
....what results can you expect?
IF YOU STICK TO IT, we can guarantee you WILL lose weight, if you choose to try our proven PERFORMANCE WEIGHT LOSS PROTOCOL. I know it works - 100%....AMAZING!
NB: Typically, you'll lose between 3-4kg in the first week & 7kg over the course of the 19 day protocol.
There are MANY ways to lose weight - so, results will depend on what method you choose! It HAS to be sustainable and easily integrated into your lifestyle - all things we'll discuss during your consultation.....
....what support can you expect with the $600, 12-Week Tailored Weight Loss Package?
UNLIMITED e-mail support is included in the Tailored Weight Loss Package, (12-week package is $600).....sometimes we all need someone to talk to & bounce ideas off!
4 x SKYPE CONSULTATIONS (if you're not in London - if you are, let's meet up) - i.e. after your initial 60 minute consultation, we'll "meet" every two weeks to touch base, and discuss your thoughts, successes & failings - but, mainly, to celebrate your WINS, or LOSSES (haha)!!!!!!!!!!
....BASICALLY, YOU'RE NOT ALONE in this journey of weight loss!!

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....or, send me an e-mail and I will get back to you!

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